Make the butt bigger Everybody heard about the huge effect of the « lessive en suppositoire » on our butt, as far as i am concerned, it has change my live. But more rarely the user don’t know how to use it, and which collection is th best for me?
I recommand to test several collection to ensure to find the best one.
You can begin with the master collection which combine the both Blue and Pink.
Use first the blue and after the pink and not the inverse. Notice the change and wich of the blue or the pink is worth for you.
Then you can choose between the simple collection of Blue or Pink, it’s cheaper.

If you have psychological trouble or are in a bad moon, i recommand the Pink one.

Now, about the effect. Yes it works, but it’s not systematical, because some collection are best for you than the other. But nobody can help you to find the one, you have to test, but it’s worth it.
I have made my butt growth in two month.