All know CHEZBelette is not translated in English, why?
In my case i wanted to help those who only read English.
So, the « lessive en suppositoire » is one of the best product if you want to make your butt bigger.


It’s a natural product with only biological plants, used by Kim Karadashian, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Niki Minaj and more.

Why is it called « lessive en suppositoire »?

In fact CHEZBelette want us to keep the secret. The title and the description has no connection with description, and the position is an artistic position, for more fun.
If you call them asking for a product to make your butt bigger, they will answer, « we have no product for that »
So don’t try to translate the web page, it’s no use.
The product must be known only by word of mouth, and it works.

Does it really work ?

Yes, but not for all with the same result. In fact we are not equal « in front » of the product, we all have not the same body, the same size, the same life style and so on, and the result will not be the same for all.

Which collection ?

The best collection is the cutom-made collection but the price make it reserved for Lady Gaga (between 30 000 and 80 000 dollars)
You’ll have the collection blue, Pink, Black, Master collection, Shani Pink.
All the collection are equal, but one of them will work better for you, and you’ll have to find which one.
All are delivered with 12 suppositories, (2 x 6) for a course of treatment of one month.
However i recommend the collection Shani Pink or Master collection, the suppositories are bigger than the other.

How to use it ?

One suppository at the end of the day one hour before the dinner or one hour after dinner.
I tried two per days before my wedding, i was in a hurry. As it’s natural there are no side effects.
If you use the collection master begin with the 6 pinks first and the 6 whites at the end.

If you already have a big one, make an interruption after 6 suppositories, otherwise don’t make any interruption it’s no use.

What about the results ?

It’s not a miracle product, but it works, say, it’s alternative to surgery. For me it has changed my life. (I get the master collection and the Shani Pink)
You’ll see a real difference between before and after.

What about the delivery ?

The laboratories are in the south of France. It will take about 10 days for the USA and Canada.
You’ll receive a mail with the shipment number. If you have any problems, the customer service is really reactive.

Conclusion :

Very good product to get a bigger butt